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My name is Kara, you can call me Niya or Frazzled Niya. I have also gone by the handles Raven, Akuinnen, lcf_grinner and many others. I have been online since about 1996/1997 and pretty much had computers around since I was about 5 years old. The first time I touched a computer I played around drawing circles and ellipses in MS Paint.

I was born in South Korea and was abopted out to an Australian family; a large family; a wonderful family. I have a small family of my own in the form of fur children, my girls are named Kiki and Turk (was going to be Spatular) they are my wonderful little girls whom I love dearly.

I used to be completely obsessed with anime and manga but with recent releases I have lost that same passion. But it also gives me time to revisit some golden oldies; saying that I have discovered a few good animes that have been recently released and a few animes that are being reharshed.

In yester years I suffered a lot with depression....Those were dark years and they lasted a lot longer than they should have because I was unable to see/understand what I was feeling/going through at the time.

I work full time, single and live in my own house (paying off a mortgage.) And I'm happy with my life at the moment. Anything else and you will have to ask.



Time Zone: Perth (GMT +08:00)

Email: momoshiro.takeshi @ gmail.com

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Computer Name: Renji
OS: Win 7
CPU: i7
RAM: 3062MB
Graphics: GeForce 9800GT
Drawing Program: CS5
Drawing Tool: Intuos 4 (A4)
Monitors: Flatron Wide & Flatron L1919S
Internal HD:
Caleb: 500GB
Poppet: 500GB
Gennousuke: 500GB
To-Y: 2TB
External HD:
Shin - 1TB
Crow - 2TB
Luffy - 1TB
Banya - 500GB
Nagi - 1TB
Ryouga - 80


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