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Is it wrong....?

Is it wrong to be annoyed at my boyfriend? I knew it'd be different moving out of home, as an obvious thing...But I would have liked my meals to stay in a normal routine...having dinner about 7pm-ish well as close to there as possible. I can handle a few days late, but normally I don't eat a lot because I'm not hungry again or I feel ill.

I head off to work at like 11:20am...I get up when my body allows me which has been about 8am lately give or take...Rarely I go back to sleep, I'm normally up, given I don't wanna make too much noise and stuff so I don't go and do anything. Trevor normally goes to sleep about the same time as me. Lately because we've been sick he gets up at like 4am from coughing, stays up a bit and then goes back to sleep maybe atoun 7:30-8am. Gets up after I leave for work most times....I know he does do stuff around the house but seriously at snails pace...and it might take him a few days to do something (like vacuum the mats) but even when he wasn't sick he'd sleep in till almost the time I leave for work.

He sits at his computer trying to figure out easy eays to make money...He found currency trading and I think he's gone off of that idea now...now he's found the online roulette table casino things. I know he can't handle a work enviroment (or is it just a cope out?) he's scitzo, so it's kinda of a legit reason, I'm sure there are people out there who are the same would use it as an excuse to not get a job. I'm sorry love making money isn't easy and it takes hard work, there are days where I feel totally shit hole, but you know what I still drag my stupid self out of bed...do stuff and go to work. I stress out big time at work too. Like I want to come home and cook dinner all the time...or most of the time? Grow a brain hey.

He keeps on saying "I think I would make a good at hom husband"...Yeah so you are gonna make sure the house is clean, cook dinner, do the washing. EVERYTHING a stay at home wife would do? I don't think so love.

Maybe I'm just being my stupid self...I don't know, I jsut feel I have to keep on pushing him into doing things.


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